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I purchased the Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 in August of 2014. I saved up for months in order to buy it, and was so excited to finally be able to get it. I paid $400 for it. I was so very happy the day it arrived. I even gave it a name: Soa-Soh (pronounced sew-sew) However, it is the biggest waste of money I ever spent.

It usually takes up to five minutes (sometimes longer) to thread it, due to a factory flaw in step #1. That took me a month to figure out. In that time, I broke 27 needles and messed up the face plate due to the needle striking it because of the thread being pulled too tight. After inspecting the threading process, and brainstorming or HOURS what the problem could be, I did notice the crevice. I can thread it to work better (not great, but better), but it should not take me more than a few seconds to do it. It is so very hard to loop the thread around just right so it goes below the crevice and under the part it should.

The tension is constantly off. The entire reason I purchased this machine was to learn to free motion quilt. I know how to sew, but wanted to learn to quilt. As far as quilting goes, this machine is absolutely worthless. My $60 sewing machine does a better job of it.

The pieces break so easily. So far, I have had the B foot, the darning/free motion quilting foot, and the automatic threader break due to poor craftsmanship.

I have contacted customer service more time than I can count. I believe I still have a record of each time. They are absolutely no help at all. IF they respond, they tip toe around the real problems. The first time I contacted them was directly after I purchased the machine. The extended table for quilting was broken. They said they would replace it. I believe it was six weeks later, I emailed them again about the extension table. They said it was on back order. Three months went by before I got the part. It was the wrong part. In that time I had just gotten used to using the broken table. It isn't easy, but I make do. During that time span was also when I noticed the factory flaw in the threading process.

Due to the trouble with this machine, my heart was broken for several months while I put quilting on the back burner. I sewed straight lines with it, but that was about it. Even that is not easy, as the needle is not centered as it should be when I first turn it on. And yes, my foot if properly attached. If I am not careful, or I use more than two layers of fabric, the needle can actually strike my foot. I can fix it manually through pushing buttons, but it resets itself each time I turn it off. I should not have to go adjust settings first thing after I turn it on, when all I want to do is sew a quick straight line stitch to mend a small tear on a shirt in under 30 seconds.

About late winter to early spring I attempted to use this machine again for quilting. Then the whole flood of bad memories came back to me. This sewing machine is HORRIBLE, to put is as nicely as I can. If I use my cheap $60 machine, I have no problems. The tension on it is fine. It's easily adjustable, and easily fixed to my project. However the throat is not big enough for a full size quilt. The Quantum Stylist's throat is large enough. However, due to the many flaws and quirks of this machine, it is impossible to do a satisfactory job. Adjusting the tension on it is a nightmare. I do believe its insides are not made correctly.

As stated earlier, I have contacted customer service countless times. Each time gets more and more difficult. I do admit that they did replace the B foot easily, but that was it. When I got back in touch with them about the extension table for quilting that they never sent me correctly, the once again said they would fix it. Once again, they sent me the wrong part! I had to send them a pic of the part that I needed before they got it right. When my walking foot broke, they sent me a darning foot. And yet, despite my mentioning several times of the flaw in the threading process, even sending many pics, they never once responded about it. That would require them to actually service the machine, or send a replacement. After multiple times of telling them about the flaw, my one year warranty expired.

Also, I forgot to add that in one email the representative actually blamed me for the poor craftsmanship of this machine! She told me that I could not sew correctly due to me using a 15J bobbin. She claimed that the 9600 uses the 15, not 15J. However, this machine came with 15J, and on every single site (even Singer's own site) it says to purchase the 15J for the 9600. I replied to her email with that information, but never received a reply.

She also said it was because on my receipt I had ordered some generic needles which were not Singer brand. That must have added to the cause of my sewing problems. Well, guess what. Those needles were for my cheap little $60 sewing machine. I never used them in my 9600. I have pictures to show that the needle currently in there is a Singer brand. And I have only used Singer needles the entire time. I used the ones it came with, didn't like the size, and purchased additional ones from the craft store. Way back right after I begin having problems with my sewing machine, I threw out the needles it came with and purchased Singer ones at the store. Even I was smart enough to try that idea before complaining.

I have found the customer service representatives to be very unhelpful, unwilling to admit their company's failure, and rude to top it all off. I will NEVER purchase another single item of the Singer brand. Even if I got a bad machine, I could overlook it as long as customer service would have taken care of it.

Anyone who is considering purchasing a sewing machine from Singer, here is my advice: DON'T DO IT! Pay a little more and get a higher quality brand. Hey, even just get a cheap $60 Brother like my first one. Just don't get Singer. If you get one with flaws, you will never be able to get it fixed or replaced. Personally, I am not sure my machine was actually 'new' when I purchased it. It was suppose to be. I bought it from a reputable, online Singer certified distributor. Due to that I paid more than I would have on Amazon or Ebay. However, I wanted to do things the right way. I firmly believe that the machine I got was either severely flawed during manufacturing, was dropped and broken before sending it to me (it was packaged well during shipment), or it was a refurbished disguised as new. Anyway you look at it, I got a dud and am not happy with it.

Yes, the warranty run out in August. The reason I am complaining now is that this is the first time I have used it since the last time I contacted customer service. I was so angry with their rude response that I simply gave up for a while. Now that it is close to Christmas time, I wanted to make a few small gifts. Why pay $400 for something that I cannot use?!

Reason of review: Bad quality, Poor customer service, Defective, Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $400.

Preferred solution: new sewing machine, one that actally works.

I didn't like: Sewing machine, Customer service.

  • Singer Sewing Machine 996
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Minot, North Dakota, United States #1092142

Hi, I have the same problem with threading. My thread breaks into the plastic from both sides (front and right side).Haven' contacted Singer yet, and looks like won't get any help from them. Sad to waste money!

to SVDI #1564083

My Singer breaks the thread before the needle. It isn't the tension. The tension is fine most of the time but it shreds the thread - even upholstery thread.

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